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Are limits real or imaginary? Are they a dead end, or a motivation to search for new paths?
Someone has drawn up lines and divided the world into various delimited areas. We build fences around our gardens, walls, barricades, place armed soldiers around our countries. But human beings have never wanted to stay in one and the same place.

In classic Cirkus Cirkör style, Limits will turn perspectives on their heads. With energy, a focus on what is possible and cocky commitment a world of fleeing, migration and new frontiers is balanced against the artists's individual limits in terms of risk, pain, the limitations of the group and of the body. Stepping over boundaries is hard without moments of chaos and disorder, but the state of today's world demands new approaches!

Limits is conceived and directed Tilde Björfors, Cirkus Cirkör's founder and artistic director, who is also the director behind most of Cirkus Cirkör's major successes such as Borders, Knitting Peace, Wear it like a crown and Inside out.


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