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by MateriaViva Performance Italy , Rome since 2019
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It’s the story of two strange characters suspended in a timeless place. It’s a poetic and funny show that speaks delicately about the fear of each of us being alone and the difficulty of communicating with each other. Between strange obsessions and some difficulties, a story of small events unfolds: intimate and delicate moments alternate with great enthusiasm and unexpected discoveries. The sense of the game pervades everything, allowing the protagonists to overcome with comedy and poetry the problems and fears they face. In this way they will discover that together the obstacles are overcome lightly and that "maybe" is just this lightness that we all need. Through the physical theatre, the theatrical clown, the aerial acrobatics and the live music, the two actresses call the spectator to be a part of the intimacy of a dialogue as bizarre and surreal as it is intense, but in which, after all, each of us can recognize ourselves.


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