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Synopsis of the play

Mandragora Circus is a wordless theatre performance in which two characters tell a story of comedy and love where dialog and thoughts are understood without words.

Using the techniques of modern clowns the characters of the play pass trough circus acts, use musical instruments which combined with a big content of physical acting weaves the acts of this performance together to allow the audience to follow the situations, conflicts and solutions of this story, which reflect the life in an unexpected way in this unique show where circus become poetry.

Mandragora Circo is an independent theatre group formed by Mariana Silva and Juan Cruz Bracamonte in the year 2003 in Trelew, Argentina. In 15 years of continuos work the group have focused in the creation of shows aimed to all the audiences in which different forms of performing arts are combined to present a theatrical show. The creation of the show “Mandragora Circus” in 2003 have been the highlight of the group. This non verbal show with a strong content of physical theatre and technics of modern clowns tell a wordless story where theatre, circus acts, music and dance are combined in the narrative script.

The group main activity have being the conduction of tours since the beginning. Performing in Argentina during 8 years, from 2003 to 2010, the show Mandragora Circus was presented in Festivals and theatres in 23 provinces doing more than 500 presentations. Since November 2010 and in the present time they are doing an International and Permanent tour, over the past 8 years “Mandragora Circus” have been presented in 50 countries on 5 continent around the world, performing in Theatre Festivals, Arts Festivals, Theatre and Cultural Centres throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


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