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Moln is a circus performance imbued with music and inspired by the life and work of legendary Swedish poet Karin Boye. Its framework is the tale of a collection of individuals living at each other’s mercy in a sort of vacuum between childhood and adolescence. Dystopian, yet life-affirming, it moves between the ordinary and the grand.

This performance is a “dream play” that with a light and poetic touch casts itself between the dark existential abyss and the bright, light clouds that coexist inside all of us, particularly on the brink between childhood and adulthood. Stina Oscarson’s script is an experiment in form, where excerpts from Karin Boye’s poems merge into a seamless universe. These texts will in turn be set to music and sung by the artist Jonathan Johansson.

Based on poems by Karin Boye
Artists: Axel Ahl, Benjamin Beaujard, Elaine Briant och Sara Runsten
Directed by: Viktoria Dalborg
Music: Jonathan Johansson och David Lindvall
Playwright: Stina Oscarson
Set & costume design: Sus Soddu
Lighting design: Sofie Gynning
Magic consultant: Axel Adlercreutz
Mask design: Sophie Rockwell
Violin and arrangements: Erik Arvinder
Technical production manager: Joakim Björklund
Technical production: Stefan Karlström
Production manager: Mette Klouman

CALENDAR: https://kompanigiraff.se/en/kalender/



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