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Out Of Chaos...

by Gravity & Other Myths Australia since 2018
  • 9
  • 120 hr
  • Touring

Cast and Crew


Out Of Chaos… is a spectacular exploration of circus that grapples with the relationship between order and chaos in our lives. From subatomic particle to exploding supernova. Swirling genetic sequence, to the chaos of the family dining table. It’s circus that interrogates the physical and dramatic tensions embedded in human group behaviour.

Prepare for physicality unprecedented in new circus – primal, physical, soulful – and, through what they delightfully dub “hyper-proximity”, an even stronger connection to the audience than ever before. Bring the family for an unforgettable premiere.


Director: Darcy Grant

Designer: Geoff Cobham

Composer Ekrem Phoenix

Assistant Lighting Designer: Max Mackenzie

Acrobats: Martin Schreiber, Simon McClure, Lisa Goldsworthy,  Lewis Rankin,  Dylan Phillips, Lewie West, Mieke Lizotte, Amanda Lee

Creative Associates: Lachlan Binns & Jascha Boyce

Producer: Craig Harrison

Production Manager: Mik LaVage



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