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Cast and Crew


In September 2020, against all odds, The 7 Fingers embarked on a new adventure. Taking into account our collective health while quenching our desire to create and collaborate, we gathered colleagues, artists and designers to create a show that embraces social distancing and other COVID-imposed measures. With the support of CALQ and of La Tohu, we created Out of Order. When Montreal became a red zone, Out of order lost the opportunity to meet its audience.  Rather than letting the show disappear before it came to life, it was transformed into a film. Out of order is not simply a digital recording of a show but a cinematographic work in its own right.


In a not so distant future lingers the bitter aftertaste of a déjà vu, the theatres are empty, meeting places and cultural venues are no longer permitted, physical contact is prohibited.  Artists are forced to meet secretly in forsaken spaces.

The big top is achingly deserted.  Spread out across this post-apocalyptic setting, ten gloved and masked characters, scrutinize one another, prepare, approach and avoid contact. Coming from all walks of life, these forgotten acrobats cling to their vocation as best they can.

What was a performance now feels more like a masquerade of fallen aristocracy wavering between the thrill of shining in the spotlight and the futility of exhibition without an audience.

In this nod to thespian traditions, our cast plays with the notions of bourgeoisie, poverty, power and pleasure.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Out Of Order is a look at the social balance between raw animal instinct and the elevation of minds, bodies and souls in an educated and conformed society.