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Cast and Crew


PACE is the first production from Below Zero a Scandinavian made circus company. The show is an intimate duett with the hand to hand couple Axel and Sara. It touches on the idea of relationships - power imbalances, trust and consent.

To see PACE is to see our human heritage. It’s a story of two people as well as a story about society, of equality, where society is going and where we wish society as a whole can go.

With music ranging over different genres the soundscape is unpredictable which makes the performance even more alive as electric beats mixes with Scandinavian folk music.

With a simple yet impressive scenography PACE makes the stage come alive. From small intimate spaces to huge rooms with walls staring down at the artists, the scenography changes in a organic way together with the performance. The gentle light that the fatigued fabric imposes on the space creates a bridge between the industrial doorframe of solid steel and the human fragility of the artists bodies.

It’s a personal piece where the artists gives a honest performance filled with warmth, humour, emotion, original movement and the highest level of modern circus.

Welcome to Below Zero’s first piece.


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