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Can we be too pathetic, too clumsy, too idiotic, too unstable, too needy... to be loved?

What is the price to pay not to be left behind?

What are we ready to accept in others?

Persona is a theatrical circus show, an acrobatic tango between 4 people.

It is a dance on the floor and in the air, built on trust and control and the intent of the other.

The show is both a praise to vulnerability and a call for connection.



In Persona we bounce on the Junguian theory of the persona/shadow as a way to dive into human vulnerability. From the floor to the air, the multilayered world of Persona is one where the soul turns upside down and back to front as instinct rises.

Twisting bodies inhabit the ground through contortion, handbalancing and acrodance, as heights are taken by hair-suspension and vertical rope. On the stage, the imposing structure of a 6 meters long semi-pendular Chinese pole creates a space of conflict and an opportunity for closeness. Our four characters navigate these spaces alone and together, often depending on each other.

This swinging motion between solitude and collaboration creates the dance that makes Persona a piece about singularity as much as community.

The show starts from a seemingly innocuous, every day scene that explodes and spreads; the audience is invited to look closely and see the cracks in the characters and their relations. We encourage the spectator to travel into their inner worlds, hearts and minds and discover their true natures as they come afloat, sometimes softly, sometimes violently.

We portray these four individuals with both humor and solemnity. Flawed and puzzled, fragile and brave, we let their stories unfold and get tangled as they are left with nothing else but themselves and the others. With a unique mix of high level acrobatics and a strong theatrical structure, the show blends in the best of two worlds to create its own poetic and touching universe and speak deep into the imagination.


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