R&D Duo Circusstars Acrobat and Object manipulation acts

by Richard Arhinful Taiwan since 2022
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  • 10 min
  • Touring

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Artist Performing brothers based in Taiwan originally from Ghana, Been on tour since 2012 with a flexible schedule for performing around the globe. With over 15 years experience in the performing arts industry, We’ve created a show suitable for any ages, gender and for all kinds of events. A physical energetic performance, that makes an audience clap from the beginning of the show till the end with full of joy and smile on their faces. We’re trying to leave a legacy with the talent we have, we believe this is our purpose of life, to entertain people with our arts, and to share the gifts of our artistic talent that we’ve spent years to mastered to as many people as possible. We’re always looking forward to any platforms that’s open for us to share our art and movements or talent to arts lovers and people who would like to see our unique performances and progression of our arts journey. Specialized in Ground acts: Duo Acts. Floor based Acrobatics, Dish Pan Juggling and Object Manipulation acts, Contortion and Tennis Racket Escape act.