SCRAPS - clown cabaret extravaganza

by YURA clown drag actor Canada since 2017
  • 1
  • 60 hr
  • Touring

Cast and Crew


Five characters - five polar sides of human beings. Everything we are made of: laughs, tears, dark sides, masks, fantasies, and the avatar. Five characters on a journey to be happy. A whimsical play where audience will be released from their fears and will get a chance to fulfill their dreams.  Funny, touching spectacle in the best traditions of European clown, theatre, and performance art. Superb character work and fascinating audience participation rituals from the creator of Viva Cabaret - tribute to the greatest divas and No Elephant Show - a clown’s journey into oneself - Yura - performer, clown, actor and a monkey.  You get to cry, laugh, learn something new about yourself, question some of your prejudice and enter the magical world where everything is possible. Love is the answer to all our existential questions.  Dive into the world of your dreams, fantasies and childhood along with these larger than life characters, witty plot. Come as you are and leave the best version of you possible. Scraps - a clown show.