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Shipping & Receiving

by Cirque Motion United States since 2012
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  • 1 hr 20 min
  • Touring

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Shipping & Receiving is an 80 minute narrative show where a curious delivery man happens upon a vintage themed shipping & receiving office and learns how to juggle the twists and turns of day to day life! 

The original cast and creators of Shipping & Receiving - 

Tony Duncan - IJA Championship Winning Juggler

Zebediah Galipeau - German Wheel

Keith Kaplin - Rolla Bolla 

Alyssa Morar - Aerialist and inventor of "Trapizu" which was performed in the show. 


The show features an all-star cast of multi-disciplined performers and includes solo and group juggling, aerials, partner acrobatics, cube spinning, german wheel and rolla bolla balance. 


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