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We are around 1920 , are the years of the important migrations of Italians overseas. Suitcases full of stories, hopes, memories, melancholy and... pasta.
The spaghetti will be back on the table, without knowing if there will be a house, without knowing what the future will be, but that ritual, that smell, that knowledge, all this will give new shape to the family history, will accompany the memories and lull the dream of starting again. We started from the image of the suitcase full of pasta, preserves, salami, and from there we want to tell stories as true as symbolic, stories of an immigration that, over time, is repeated, identical, with other names, other journeys, but extraordinarily always the same. They are stories of travel, they are stories of people moving to the sea and sharing worries, hope, nausea, euphoria, fear and, in our case, spaghetti.




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