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The Bikes Live in the Basement

by Ed Roth United States , Philadelphia since 2020
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  • 40 min
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“The Bikes Live in the Basement” will be a 40 minute presentation about how we are products of our environment until we open our minds and build ourselves. In this digital experience, you'll see a monster being shaped. The monster must learn for themselves their own true nature and their way in the world through circus, movement, and dance. The show is available for viewing online:  Friday Sept 11 at 7pm, Saturday Sept 12 at 7pm, Sunday Sept 13 at 7pm, Monday Sept 14 at 7pm, Tuesday Sept 15 at 7pm, Friday Sept 18 at 7pm, Saturday Sept 19 at 7pm, Sunday Sept 20 at 7pm, Monday Sept 21 at 7pm, Tuesday Sept 22 at 7pm, Friday Sept 25 at 7pm, Saturday Sept 26 at 7pm, Sunday Sept 27 at 7pm, Monday Sept 28 at 7pm, Tuesday Sept 29 at 7pm, Friday Oct 2 at 7pm, Saturday Oct 3 at 7pm, Sunday Oct 4 at 7pm

This solo show is autobiographical for Ed Roth - based on their real life story and experience growing up in a household founded on abuse caused from parental mental illnesses. Through the beauty and freedom of movement and circus, Ed will show the traumas from their father’s very extreme OCD and the violence he took out on his family for him to be able to cope. In the years since their separation from the abuse, Ed had to break the form that they had been molded into. “The Bikes Live in The Basement” is a story of finally finding oneself from within after years of being told who you are and who you must be by external forces. 

I’m excited to keep sharing and creating circus during the pandemic, and to find new ways for our art form to thrive in these uncertain times. Join me in keeping the circus alive! Thank you kindly for your time and please let me know if you have any questions.

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