• 5
  • 20 hr
  • Touring

Cast and Crew


Vertical dance production in cooperation between Firebirds group and SimorÁg DanCircus.

There is nothing quite like the freedom of flying and leaving behind the limitations of everyday life. The performers take to the skies combining newcircus, theater and dance.

The show was first envisioned with the live band Ferenczi György and the Rackajam. Their unique style is laced with poems and lyrics creating an atmosphere that breaks conventional walls.

With or without live music the show has to be adapted to the location, a previous check of the building, performing site and planning of the rigging is inevitable, but it can be performed on indoor and outdoor walls or columns. This does not only ensure safety but lends a unique experience to each occasion.

performers: Drávai Zója, Kiss Gergely Geret, Lennart Paar, Simor Ágnes, Zoletnik Zsófia

live music: Ferenczy György & Rackajam


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