The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantasiste

by Urban Angels United Kingdom since 2015
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  • 2 hr 30 min
  • Touring

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The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantaisiste is a highly unusual interactive circus theatre performance devised for contemporary music festivals. Festival attendees are invited into the sumptuously decored aerial rig, treated to edible delights then entertained by jesters from Madam Fantaisites court.  They have been searching for their muse since she disappeared 400 years ago. Could it be you?

My Dearest Darling,


       It has been brought to our attention that you are in possession of many of Madame Fantaisiste’s quintessential qualities; Her poise, grace and beauty all find a home within your demeanour. Could you be her?


       We have scoured the globe recreating her opulent boudoir in sundry locales as we strive to find her. Are you her? As your identity is ascertained you will be lavished with affection and shown such wonders as; dainty dancing, delicious delicacies, ephemeral experiences and enthralling aerial acts.


Dare you enter? The path to glory might not take the route that you expect. Imposters risk may well be lambasted, punished, reprimanded, pooh poohed... “How Rude!”





The Jester, The Rogue and The Fool.


This 2 and a half hour event is always intriguing, frequently funny, and often emotional and poignant. It has toured to major festivals in the UK and to the Cactus Festival in Belgium.