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For more than ten years, we have focused mainly on helping artists develop their maximum artistic potential and become fundamental models for the positive development of their community. The mission is to empower the young people providing them tools to express themselves through art.

 Most of the Young people have benefited enormously from the Project since its inception, many of them performing internationally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Spain, Belgium, U.S.A, Australia among others.

Mighty Jambo Trust presents ``THE HUNTER´´ a show that transports us to the maasai settlements in Kenya. Who better than this Kenyans to tell us the story of the Maasai. The show is about the Hunters in fight with a leopard that endangers their subsistence when trying to eat their livestock. 

 A show full of strength, emotion and that shows us a different culture and tradition with its authentic tribal jumps and costumes.

 The group surprises with its excellent techniques and its gymnastics coordination.


The 2019 tour was supported by INAEM in its aid on a na-tional tour and the show was awarded a special mention at the ARCA Festival and the audience prize in Radio Aguilar with more than 80% of the votes.


More than 70,000 spectators


We highlight some of the most important scenarios the “The Hunter” and its 8 artists in the summer of 2019.


•       Festival CLOWNIA Girona


•       Festival CIRCOMICOS Córdoba


•       FEX Festival International de Música y Danza de Granada


•       Festival International de Teatre i Animació en Alcarer


•       Festival CIRC A LA PLAZA Olot Girona


•       Festival DESLLUNAT Denia


•       COVA SANTA Ibiza


•       Festival ARCA Aguilar de Campo


•       Semana Grande de Bilbao


•       Festival TEATRO DE CALLE Soria


•       Teatro Circo de Albacete


•        MAD CIRCUS Festival Madrid


•       Festival de La Merce Barcelona


And so many more...


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