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Vileoncello is a side specific performance that revives  legends of Slavic mythology about fairies. The fairies, according to those legends, love to dance in their special beautiful places in the nature. As they are headed towards one of those special places by the river, they find u young man there playing music inspired by the sights of nature that surrounded him. At first they were surprised to see him and weren't sure should they proceed with their plan, or hide and find some other place. Because sometimes they don't want people to watch them dancing. Only the chosen ones get to see that. Amazed by his music, the fairies decided to accept the young man and dance for him.

This performance rests on dance and object manipulation revealed at the specific place. In the meanwhile the fairies mingle among the audience and through the nature, seen and unseen.

Authors and performers: Tanja Puklek, Vladimira Šančić and Anamarija Unković

Music on stage: Luka Tikvicki  

Costumography and scenography: Tanja Puklek, Vladimira Šančić and Anamarija Unković  


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