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This autobiographically-inspired circus fantasia incorporates breathtaking aerials and acrobatics to tell the story of a girl in a troubled home and her flight to the moon to escape and prevail. xoxo moongirl is a critically acclaimed, honest, and emotional ensemble-devised solo show with live music by Mel Hsu.

During the solo performance, internationally acclaimed acrobat Nicole Burgio shares stories from her childhood, at times inviting audience volunteers to join the theatrics. As the evening unfolds, Burgio uses the virtuosic performance languages of aerial circus arts, dance, hand balancing, and a hint of magic to tell her on-going story of survival, resilience, and overcoming abuse.

"This is for the underdogs, the underheard, and the improbable.” – Nicole Burgio



    • Almanac Dance Circus Theatre - Company - United States - CircusTalk

      “Nicole Burgio has a superpower. It’s her acrobatic prowess – and she draws upon it to climb high above the traumatic circumstances in which she was raised... Burgio is lively, animated and funny.”

      — Jane Fries for PHILADELPHIA DANCE JOURNAL on last year’s premiere of XOXO MOONGIRL

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    • Almanac Dance Circus Theatre - Company - United States - CircusTalk
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