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    Este grupo pretende servir de punto de encuentro y discusión para la comunidad de circo en latinoamérica a través del proyecto internacional ESTÁ PASANDO que mapea el circo a través de la inclusión y la visibilización de la comunidad iberoamericana de circo.
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    Composer / Choreographer Vanessa Nowitzky is seeking performers, choreographers, and producers who would like to form a NEW Cirque des Voix - a circus in which all the performers sing during their acts and the majority of the music is created by the performers singing (with or without additi...  [more]
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    Quat Props Functional Juggling Group
    Intended for posting and sharing of inclusive developments in circus pratice.
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    Icarian act
  • The Christian Winebarger Studios of the Animation of Art Studios
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    As Ukraine declared a nationwide state of emergency on Feb 24th, 2022, this group is here to provide a list of resources, support, and help that are floating around multiple social media channels and groups. Please feel free to add new information! This is public group, anyone can view without registration. You only have to register on CircusTalk (it's free) if you want to comment or add any resource or information. Please share the link of this group with your network!
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    Training updates for post Covid-19 contracts. Open facilities and travel guide for artist and coaches.
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    The Circus Asia Network (CAN) was initiated by Seoul Street Arts Creation Center (SSACC) in 2017 and actualized by 13 organizations and institutions from seven Asian-Pacific countries in 2018 to develop contemporary circus in the region through long-term exchange and fostering programs.

    Fro...  [more]
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    A group for currently enrolled students attending Circadium School of Contemporary Circus