• Here we will publish useful link and materials for directors of theatre, dance, circus and other performances to develop their skills and competency in directing.

    You are welcome to share your materials, thought, etc too!
  • 8 members led by Kim Campbell
    Are you a juggler? This is a place to ask juggling questions, plan for juggling festivals and share your juggling challenges and wins.
  • 14 members led by Lydia Nord
    Share your photos, favorite act, training tips and more! This group is for aerialists to connect and appreciate the aerial arts together.
  • 6 members led by Finn Burnett-Pope
    Tightwire walkers welcome, rope walkers welcome

    a place to discuss all things precarious.
  • 2 members led by Fiona Bradley
    This is a public group for handbalancers to come together and post techniques, ideas, pictures, and anything related to handstands!
  • 29 members led by Lydia Nord
    This group is for student circus performers and fans.