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10 Ways Circus Is Getting Hi-Tech & 5 Tips to Get Tech in Your Work

Since the technology boom in the 1990s, technology has been changing the way people live, communicate, work, and do business. From social media to smartphone applications, from virtual and augmented reality to drones, new technology is being developed every day. As a society, we have developed an immeasurable appetite for new technology in all facets of life. This has naturally bled over into art and entertainment. An increasing number of circuses and individual performers are incorporating technology into their shows as a method of engaging new audiences and developing new, relevant work.
Based on my work with Dream Rippled Productions, I have the opportunity to facilitate the seamless inclusion of technology in to many circus productions, and I also have gained insight in to how tech can be best used to augment one’s work rather than complicate it. So I provide here 2 listicles on the subject: 10 Ways Technology is Being Incorporated into Circus & 5 Tips for Incorporating Technology into Your Work. 10 Ways Technology is Currently Being Incorporated into Circus 1. Projection Mapping Projection mapping is when a video or image is projected onto something other than a flat screen. The projection is manipulated to the shape of the projection surface. Here is an example of one of our Dream Rippled Productions which uses this technology called Cracked. ...
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Katalin Lightner

Katalin Lightner is the founder and creative director of Dream Rippled Productions, a company specializing in creating one of a kind experiences, and developing technology for live performance. She has performed in theatrical circus shows, festivals, and for special events across the United States, and has appeared in television and film. Her passion is in creating performances that tell stories using physical storytelling, designing unique circus equipment, and through unconventional uses of technology. In 2015, her project “Lit” won “When Technology Meets Creativity,” a National contest put on by Cirque du Soleil that examined the intersections of technology and creativity. “Lit” explored projection mapping onto a fabric slackwire/slackfabric with wire walking. Katalin is also one of the co-founders of Soda City Cirque, a performance art company based out of Columbia, SC that blends circus, dance, and theater in full-length theatrical circus shows.