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15 Phenomenal Female Circus Performers

For many the circus is a place of wonder and fantasy come alive. But for these 15 women, it was their workplace, their home, and the platform for their legacies.

1. Maria Spelterini, Tightrope Walker

2.Katie Sandwina, Woman Of Steel

3. Zazel, The First Human Cannonball

4. Annie Oakley // Trick Shooter

5. Maud Wagner, Tattooed Lady

6. Antoinette Concello, Trapeze Artist

7. Leona Dare, Queen Of The Antilles

8. The Marvelous Mabel Stark, Tiger Trainer

9. Ursula Blütchen, The Polar Bear Princess

10. Barbara Woodcock, Elephant Trainer

11. Gladys Roy, Wing Walker

12. Annie Jones, The Esau Woman

13. The Seven Sutherland Sisters, Seven Wonders Of The World

14. The Hilton Sisters, Hollywood’s Conjoined Twins

15. Kittie Smith, The Armless Dynamo

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