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2022 CircusTalk PRO Talks Round Up: Engaging With Industry Titans

CircusTalk PRO Talks are virtual live events led by industry influencers and experts that delve into some of the pressing topics in the circus world. These events, held every other month, are designed to give participants the opportunity to gain new insights, meet fellow professionals, and keep their career connections strong.

For 2022, we launched a new concept of PRO Talks as conversations dedicated to helping artists meet and connect with talent seekers from different sectors of the circus and performing arts world. We wanted to create a useful way and welcoming space for the CircusTalk community to engage directly with “the titans of our industry,” as Dutch illusionist Scott Nelson of the Scott and Muriel duo aptly calls them—big-name creators, directors, and talent seekers like Cirque de Demain festival Vice President Pascal Jacob, Celebrity Cruises Entertainment leader Stephanie Jansen, and The 7 Fingers co-founder Shana Carroll.  We wanted to give artists the chance to learn about the casting processes and work environments of different types of venues and settings, from cruise ships and theme parks to festivals, touring companies, and varieté theatre.

So, how did we do? We asked some of our PRO members members  who attended this year’s PRO Talks to weigh in on the experience. Canadian dancer and frequent CT contributor Martin Frenette emphasized that “[n]etworking and sharing knowledge are essential in the circus industry, and these discussions… allow for great exchanges between people who would not otherwise meet.” Berlin-based juggler and performer Ofelia Grey found them to be “very motivational and inspiring.”American movement artist Alex Oliva adds, “The PRO Talks are an excellent way to learn from and connect with industry professionals, from a diverse array of companies all around the world. Every artist can get something out of these talks!” 



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The PRO Talk series is just one facet of the PRO member-exclusive content offered as part of a CircusTalk PRO Talent membership, alongside access to job listings and rich career development resources, such as our original series and advice pieces from seasoned professionals. We very much appreciate all of your feedback, and hope to provide you with even more valuable experiences in the new year.

In the meantime, we invite you all to revisit with us these six great conversations from 2022 and see what you get out of them!

PRO Talks will continue in 2023. Stay tuned for the announcement of our February guest on CircusTalk Events.

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