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3 Days with Awaji Art Circus in Japan

Have you heard of Awaji island in Japan? Speaking of Japan, it’s rare to meet people who can name more than the three cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Even with my home town Yokohama, despite it being the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo, (and being more attractive than Tokyo, I have to admit) half of the people I meet say they haven’t even heard of the name (*sigh). So don’t  worry even if you don’t know Awaji!
Just how popular is the Awaji Island in Japan, then? If you ask a random Japanese person, I’m sure more than 90% of people know the name, but if you ask if they have been there, my guess is that more than 90% would say, “No”. It took me nine hours by night bus to get to Awaji Island from Yokohama (which is almost in the center of Japan). The island is located in the west and is close to big cities like Kobe, Osaka, Tokushima. About Awaji Art Circus ...
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Naoya Aoki

Naoya Aoki is a juggling performer, practitioner, and the founder of Japanese Juggling Magazine PONTE. He learned how to juggle at the age of 14, and teaches himself to this day. Since 2012, he has visited more than 15 countries for juggling related events, and yet he is still trying to travel more and to meet people as far as juggling leads him.