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34th Edition of CIRCa is in Full Swing in Auch

The 34th edition of CIRCa the circus festival brings together professionals and amateurs of the circus arts in Auch. The event is organized by CIRCa, which welcomes artists in residence all year round to support creation.

A major event for professionals in the circus arts, the 34th edition of the CIRCa festival in Auch,  is in full swing from October 21st and until the 30the. After a two years hiatus marked by Covid restrictions , this Fall circus schools, students, companies, artists in residence, professionals and the circus lovers come together for two weeks of show.

Friday, October 22, was one of the first appearances on stage of the students of Esacto Lido, the Toulouse-Occitanie higher school of circus arts. The festival provides these emerging artists with an important opportunity to showcase their work. “We know that at CIRCa there are a lot of professionals,” explains AurĂ©lie Vincq, secretary general of Esac Lido.

The CIRCa is one of the thirteen national circus pillars in France. Everything here revolves around circus art. The center welcomes artists in residence all year round. Six apartments are available. “In total, this represents 36 beds to accommodate the artists”, explains Laure BaquĂ©, general secretary of CIRCa.

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