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5 Steps to Make Your Social Circus Dream a Reality

Most who have been involved in circus arts have felt the benefits of such an active and creative endeavour. It might have been the endorphins released from exercise that first got you interested, or maybe it was the passion for creating a unique act. Maybe it was the connection and control you felt with you body, or the team work needed to achieve many disciplines. Maybe it was being part of a global community that kept you training. But of all the many ways that one could benefit from circus, how has it changed your life? Could circus be used to change the lives of others?
This is where the concept of social circus comes in. I’m sure you’re acquainted with it, and maybe you have even considered starting your own project. As someone who spent the last 8 months conceptualizing, founding, and co-directing a brand-new social circus project called Ropalo Circo, I have a few pointers to consider if you want to spread some social circus joy. Ropalo Circo is currently in Samos, Greece on a two month long mission to establish circus activities and social games as an ongoing program for the refugees here, and these tips would have been so helpful in our initial stages.   In no particular order, here are my top big questions/considerations to address during the planning phase of a project: 1. Set Goals ...
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Kaylie Kreatrix

Kaylie Kreatrix is a circus artists and coach who has a passion for empowering others through performances or with new skills. She is an avid journal keeper, and occasionally lets her love for writing get shared through articles. Based in Montreal, Canada, she is working on balancing a travelling lifestyle with the benefits of staying in one place and growing projects like Ropalo Circo.