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6 Ways Aerial Training Will Improve Your Circus Skills – Explore the Air and Test Your Own Strength!

Founders Elli Voulgari and Dora Charisiadi created Vertical Wise to make a place for pole artists and aerialists from around the world to share and disseminate training information. But their website has grown well beyond that, to include useful information from safety and technique to overall news, interviews, how-to’s and events. Vertical Wise is a great resource for the student, the professional circus artist and the pole or aerial educator. Below is an extract from one of their recent articles about how aerial training can improve your overall circus skills.

In the circus industry you are asked to make a difference by presenting an acrobatic act. To do so, you need to master the techniques that will empower your movement and your spirit. But how will aerial training help you improve your circus skills?

We present 6 ways that aerial training will improve your circus skills

1. Increase muscle strength

Aerial acrobatics like aerial silks, trapeze and hoop provide a range of health benefits. In particular, they increase muscle strength -those of the core body- and are great for improving upper body strength; something that many forms of exercise neglect. This strengthening goes beyond the muscles to other soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments, helping to prevent injuries while undertaking other activities.

2. Improve flexibility and hand strength

Adding aerial acrobatics into your training routine will help you gain strength, build endurance, increase flexibility, and enhance body awareness…

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