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In this video by directed and filmed by Eric Hernandez, we get a close-up on the talents of Caoliang Wang, a gymnast, break dancer and acrobat originally from Jilin, China. He began gymnastics as a child, and then he became part of the national team. Caoliang was originally cast as a high bar artist by Cirque du Soleil for Totem (2009) but over the years, with his motivation and determination, he has been able to expand abilities to become Totem’s Crystal Man (2013), which he currently still performs. He has also been one of The Beach Boys in the ring’s act for a year (2016) during the Japan tour. Caoliang also learned straps and Cyr wheel in his free time while traveling the world with Cirque du Soleil’s -Totem. He is currently touring in Europe.


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