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91-Year-Old Irish Circus Star Survived COVID after Three Heart Attacks

Tom Duffy, of Duffy’s Circus in Ireland, tested positive for the virus in April. Since his diagnosis, the former ringmaster has suffered three heart attacks and a bleed on his bladder.

At one stage, his family was even told he might not survive the trip to the hospital in an ambulance. However, Tom, who is a two-time cancer survivor, is a fighter.

Tom has received incredible online support from the public during his battle with the virus, the Irish Independent reports.

As the head of the renowned circus family, Tom, who is now back at his Dublin care home, is urging his son David to get back touring, not realizing that the circus itself might not survive the pandemic.

“My dad is amazing. He beat cancer for the first time 25 years ago when he said he was too busy to die, despite being given six months to live,” said David…

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