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A Lighter Version of Prague’s Favorite Annual Circus Festival will Take Place at Letná Park

Part of the festival had to be postponed to next year, but in response to the current easing of restrictions, the organizers decided to provide audiences with a selection of events from August 18 to 25.

The 17th year of the festival will feature visiting Spanish and French ensembles, a collaboration of two leading domestic ensembles, the premiere of the documentary Ropewalker Over Prague (Provazochodkyně nad Prahou), plus an accompanying program. Advance ticket sales have started on the festival’s website.

“It couldn’t be different. Summer without Letní Letná is not the right summer for us, so we did not hesitate. Immediately after the restrictions were released, we started planning the 17th year of the festival in a light version. We will bring the best program that the current situation allows us to do, and we will be happy if people come to enjoy the festival and support it,” Letní Letná director Jiří Turek…

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