A Powerhouse of Contemporary Circus in the Baltics – An Interview with Riga Circus’ Māra Pāvula

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A Powerhouse of Contemporary Circus in the Baltics – An Interview with Riga Circus’ Māra Pāvula

Riga Circus, locally known as Rīgas cirks, is a contemporary art centre where different disciplines of art – circus, theatre, dance, music, and cinema – come together. It is also the biggest circus institution in Latvia and the only one that has steady state support.
As a state-owned enterprise, it launched a new strategy for circus development in 2017. Its strategic aim is to develop professional circus art in Latvia. As a circus centre of regional and international importance, Rīgas cirks has three main working directions: artistic programmes, supporting artistic creation through residency programs and co-productions, and running circus leisure education programs for children and adults. With a new CEO as of January 2022 and an ongoing repertoire (which includes O’DD by the Race Horse Company!), CircusInfo Finland decided it was time for a chat with the director of Rīgas cirks, Māra Pāvula. CircusInfo Finland (CIF): You have a lot going on at Rīgas cirks. What’s the current situation there at the moment? Māra Pāvula (MP): This year has started like a sprint and is going to be a marathon. I am saying it both for myself, as I was nominated for the position of CEO in the beginning of the year, as ...
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