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A ‘Very Fast, Very Scary’ Aerialist Accident Reported During the Revivalists Concert on New Year’s Eve

Two people were injured early Wednesday morning when an acrobat performing above the crowd at the Revivalists show at the Fillmore fell, according to witnesses including singer David Shaw.

The new year had just begun. The popular New Orleans-based rock band was covering David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” at the nightclub in Harrah’s Casino at the foot of Canal Street when concert attendee Madeleine McLain heard a disconcerting thump directly behind her.

The aerialist, who had been performing acrobatics on silks suspended from the ceiling above the audience, was lying in a fetal position on a wooden platform on the floor, having apparently fallen, McLain said.

“I didn’t know what was happening,” McLain said. “It was very fast and very scary.”

Audience members tried to call the band’s attention to the accident, McLain said, but the music continued.

Revivalists vocalist David Shaw said via email that he and bassist George Gekas “happened to be looking out at the crowd in the general direction of the accident when it occurred while we were performing and George left the stage right away to inform our stage manager. We were assured that it was being immediately handled by the paramedics who were already in the building and on hand during the show.” …

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