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Acrobat-actor Raphael Cruz, Recently at Lookinngglass, Dies in Paris

Raphael Cruz, the American acrobat, clown, actor and musician — who left such a vivid impression with his work in last year’s Lookingglass Theatre production of Charles Dickens’ “Hard Times” —was found dead in a Paris hotel room last week. The cause of death is awaiting results of an autopsy.

Heidi Stillman, artistic director of Lookingglass, who adapted and directed “Hard Times,” could barely speak when asked about Cruz.

“Everything he did just turned to gold,” said Stillman. “He was an amazing acrobat, a wonderful piano player, and because of his years in Montreal he spoke fluent French. And he was just the most wonderful person. We had even begun talking about his working on a new circus  theater piece.”…

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