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Acrobat Drops 13-feet and Breaks Neck After Rig Snaps During Live Performance at Canggu Beach Club, Desperate Bid Launched to Medevac Woman Out of Bali

Netizens are rallying to raise funds for an aerial acrobatic performer who broke her neck after falling 13 feet when the rig she was hanging from suddenly dropped down, during a live performance at a Canggu beach club.

 Horrifying footage of the technical malfunction during the fateful performance at Finns Beach Club on Oct. 26 shows an acrobat, contortionist known as “Sam Panda” doing stunts from a suspended hoop. Without warning, the rig plummeted down and the woman landed directly on her head and neck.

A crowdfunding page called “Sam fell 13 ft & broke her neck” was launched on Nov. 2 for the woman on GoFundMe in a desperate bid to raise money for the woman’s medical evacuation to Singapore or Taiwan so she can undergo surgery by specialists...

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