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Acrobatic drama debuts at China Shanghai International Arts Festival [SHINE]

The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe’s original acrobatic drama “Tianshan Snow” made its debut at the 22nd China Shanghai International Arts Festival on Sunday (November 5). It is the first new showcase of a Shanghai-style acrobatic drama at the festival in four years.

The around two-hour-long drama features 13 lavish scenes to portray how people in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have made joint efforts to build and develop Xinjiang over the past 70 years. The drama also depicts Shanghai’s long-term assistance and support to contribute to poverty alleviation and the improvement of people’s livelihoods in Xinjiang.

Since the drama’s trial performance in May, the crew have made significant modifications and adjustments in many aspects to provide the audience with an immersive visual experience, including the story structure, character setting, stage art, music, and multimedia elements.

In addition to presenting complicated acrobatic stunts such as high-wire walking and aerial hoops, the performers also needed to hone their acting and dancing skills to wow the audience with the impressive characters of the drama.  … link to full length article at SHINE.

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