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Adelaide Festival Review: MACRO

Presented by Gravity & Other Myths and Djuki Mala

If you missed seeing MACRO I feel bad for you son, I got ninety-nine problems but seeing GOM (and Djuki Mala) ain’t one.

In the heart of Australia’s festival state, it really doesn’t get much better than a seven-thousand-strong audience and (totally free) opening night event for the Adelaide Festival, featuring talent harboured and honed in SA by international circus performance legends, Gravity and Other Myths (GOM). Pair these acrobatic wonders with some of the best musical talent from Scotland, and the beloved Indigenous dancers and performers, Djuki Mala (previously known as the Chooky Dancers), and you have yourself a jaw-dropping show that lives within the audience’s memories for a prolonged time.

‘Macro’, meaning large-scale as an adjective, is more than appropriate for the title of this staggering one-hundred person cast show. There is nothing small about it, with explosive agilities, unbelievable balance, mermerising contemporary dance moves and heart-racing acrobatic actions, paired with a dramatic local chorus and hauntingly beautiful Scottish folk artists.

Just picture jaw-dropping human towers that are four-people high, moving effortlessly around the stage to the shock of the audience as a pitch-perfect. Combine this height with dramatic and gasp-inducing leaps, twists, grabs and pulls and you’ll feel your heart racing and your eyes unable to blink to ensure not a second is missed. This is all in front of a background of dramatic lighting and smoke that intensifies an already electrifying performance as the silhouettes of mortal bodies swing, fly, leap, fall, twist, toss and reach across the stage. You don’t think that the human body is capable of feats like this until GOM not only shows you they are, but does it with a grace, finesse and confidence that is almost other-worldly…. Link to Full Review at Glam Adelaide

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