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Agent Of Happiness–Fanny Kerwich

Fanny Kerwich is a woman in motion. Her energy is electric, light, and ever flowing. Much like her directorial sense, she never quite settles, as her creative spark is constant, morphing into something new and more dynamic by the second. It is that spirit and zeal, perhaps the genius and ingenuity of eight generations of circus artistry that course through her veins which led her to establish The Lone Star Circus, the premier circus attraction and community in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.
Photo courtesy of Johnathan Lee Iverson How does an eighth generation circus artist, who was raised across many lands and borders – Canada, Belgium, France, and Spain – find her way to the lone star state in the city of Dallas/Fort Worth? Love, of course. What else could stop this kinetic circus marvel or at least halt her for a moment, if not love? “I was always told never to marry outside circus, it can only bring you misery, as few understand our world,” she remembers with a smile....
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