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André-Joseph Bouglione in Villefranche Defends the Animal-Free Eco-circus

As André-Joseph Bouglione prepares the new eco-circus tour around France this April, this former cat trainer, member of the Cirque D’Hiver family, show director and lover of animals has spoken out against hunting, bullfighting and the massacre of whales, stating about his decision to have an animal-free show, “The circus is a living art as long as it evolves. It is about evolving rather than living in denial of a new era which must change our outlook on the living, on the future.”

Although he has received some vehement negative feedback, Bouglione says he owes his change of heart to his tiger Madras who he watched age and become tired. Ultimately he says “It’s about paying tribute to the animals, to whom the Bouglione family owes everything.”

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