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Announcing the Winners of the IDOL Circus Festival 2017

In the aftermath of the tragic accident, let’s celebrate and share the extraordinary achievements of the IDOL Circus Festival 2017.
The professional jury, awarding the IDOL Awards and the Grand Prix, among others included the founder and director of the German circus “Roncalli” Bernhard Paul, Deputy Director of the Great Moscow State Circus, Tatiana Zapashnaya; stage director of the Moulin Rouge Thierry Outrilla, Russian and American actor, producer Igor Zhizhikin, award-winning clown, David Larible, and the head of the Hungarian Capital Circus, Peter Fekete. Along with the professional jury, a media jury assigned the RING awards. With their votes, the audience awarded the AUDITORIUM Prizes. GOLDEN IDOL 1. Training of the Predators “Baronets” led by Natalia and Andrey Shirokalov’s. Troupe of Giya Eradze · Russian State Circus Company (Russia) ...
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