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“Are We Really Non-Essential?” Sidelined Performing Arts Industry Questions Government As Other Businesses Reopen [Opinion]

I am happy to see more & more industries given the green light in opening up under revised SOPs.

I hope that the #rakyat will follow through, be aware that our incompetence will lead to higher risk and we need to be vigilant in practising SOPs.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to celebrate for the live & entertainment industry.

There are no venues that can open.

There are no musicians that can perform.

There are no theatres that can showcase their art.


MKN yesterday approved MICE activities with 250 pax audience, and with much disappointment, MKN rejected live events with any audience, whereas both MICE and Live events /Performing Arts are using 100% similar SOP that was developed jointly by Maeceos and ALIFE and was approved jointly by MKN on June 22nd.

From the feedback ALIFE received from MKN technical committee, Performing Arts /Live Events is considered aktiviti ‘hiburan’ and therefore deemed non essential, whereas MICE is allowed to open.

The approval for any sector should be based on SOP and not on type of content. MICE and Live Events are the same type of activity with audience, whereby one has speaker or panelist on stage and the other has a performer on stage.

Like in a Masjid, there is an Imam that is the ‘speaker’ and the jemaah (congregation) are the ‘attendees.’

While MKN might deem us as “non-essential”, there are essential human lives behind our industry who have sacrificed almost one year without any source of livelihood in the name of safety and support of the government’s Movement Control Order.

However, after observing the current trend and while almost all sectors are open including schools beginning March 8th, we feel like we are now sidelined with no valid reason as activities which are in a higher risk environment like pasar malam are allowed to operate…

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