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Artist in Circus Krone Falls During the Performance

On Sunday night there was an accident at Circus Krone. Right at the beginning of the performance, a Russian duo (called Duo Splash) made their appearance. One circus artist hung on a rope and held a rope between her teeth, which in turn held her partner. But the mouthpiece slipped and her partner crashed to the ground from a six meter height.

A spokesperson from Krone called it human error and said no fractures were diagnosed at the hospital. Although the performer (named Abakumov) was said to be in severe pain, he took it in great stride, posting on Facebook that he was “Lucky in misfortune”, adding “Unfortunately, I’m here now (in the hospital), but that’s life. (The profession) I chose myself.” At last report he was said to be surrounded by friends and family at the hospital, including Martin Lacey Junior and his wife.

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