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ARTS Magic Under the Big Top — Carl Krone’s 150th Birthday Anniversary

There is no doubt, according to Frank Keller, the man responsible for animal welfare at the world-famous Circus Krone, that founder Carl Krone always was a “great visionary.”

Born on October 21, 1870, Carl was the youngest of four children in the family of carnival operators. From an early age, the children were part of the family business. Carl, however, was sent to school in Berlin where he lived with his aunt and uncle, only to return to the circus after his older brother Fritz died as a result of a bear attack.

All of a sudden, Carl was designated to take over the family business some day. Animal dressage became his passion. In 1893, he presented a huge sensation: Pasha the lion riding on a horse. The circus had already made a name for itself at the time with an elephant act, and to this day, the elephant features in the circus’s logo…

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