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Audience Members Shaken After Incident at Great Moscow Circus in Nelson

Audience members got more than they bargained for when a large swing came apart at the Great Moscow Circus in Nelson.

A woman attending the show, who did not want to be named, said during the first act on Friday night, several performers were on a see-saw swing, when the metal frame fell apart while a performer was in the air.

The Great Moscow Circus is in Nelson for the next two weeks before heading on to Ashburton. It’s the first time in 20 years the traditional Russian-themed show has travelled around New Zealand.

The performer tumbled to the ground and limped off stage. The woman said some of the frame also fell on the ringside where it hit a woman and young boy.

The woman, who has first-aid training, got up to check if everyone was OK. She said the young boy initially felt like he couldn’t breathe as he was having a panic attack…

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