Australian Circus ‘Infamous’ Featuring Performing Legend Joseph Ashton Debuts in United States

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Australian Circus ‘Infamous’ Featuring Performing Legend Joseph Ashton Debuts in United States

The iconic Australian circus show “Infamous” made its debut in the United States on Thursday, March 9, under the Spiegel Big Top at the Broward Mall in Plantation, Florida. The mature-audiences-only show from sixth-generation circus performer Joseph Ashton will run through April 1.

“Infamous” is a concoction of world-renowned circus acts and tasteful promiscuity that has been wowing audiences for the past five years. It showcases acts that have never been seen in the United States as well as non-stop, breathtaking performances, including aerial acts, hand-balancing, slack wire, juggling, contortion, raunchy cabaret, and the Wheel of Death. Due to their complexity and danger, “Infamous” is one of the few shows in the world that performs the forward somersault on the outside of the space wheel and the two-man high stunt for which Australia’s Ashton performers are famous. The production dishes up first-class tricks on the flying trapeze, such as the double passage and triple somersault, perfectly crafted by “The Flying Ashton.” These famed seventh-generation circus performers were sought after by Baz Luhrmann for his production of Moulin Rouge.

“It’s been a dream to come to America and showcase the talent that has been in my bloodline for centuries, and now the day is here!” Joseph Ashton declares. “It’s opening week and we can’t wait to wow the inquisitive American audience with our brash Australian humor, our barely-there costumes and death-defying acts on the aptly named ‘Wheel of Death.’”

Ashton’s family history in the circus dates back to the mid-1800s. By continuing his family tradition, Ashton has become a celebrated circus performer in his own right, with “Infamous” captivating audiences and selling out shows across Australia. Now, as demand for the show continues to grow, the Ashton family legacy begins its foray into the United States.

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