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Award-Winning Performer is Set to Entertain at Cork Circus Festival

LIVELY performer Lucy Hopkins will bring her award-winning clown show, Le Foulard, to St Peter’s in Cork city on September 21 as part of Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival, now in its third year.

The festival, presented by the Circus Factory Cork, includes circus acts, street performances, aerial arts, comedy and workshops.

Fresh from the Edinburgh Festival, performing a sold-out solo show, Lucy is looking forward to putting on Le Foulard, which is about an artist trying to make a beautiful work of art. In this one-woman show, created in 2013 and shown all over Europe and in Australia. Lucy performs a number of characters “with nothing but a silk scarf. Then the characters trash the show and it’s a nightmare.”

Lucy will also perform her latest show, The Ceremony of Golden Truth, which she describes it as an interactive sacred ceremony made by a clown/witch/deity.

“It’s about gathering people together and having a funny and stupid, light-hearted time, while holding space for sacred feeling. I don’t think the sacred needs to be heavy. We can own it in ourselves. It doesn’t need to be attached to any organisation or religion. It’s just part of being alive.

“It grew from doing interactive work and finding ways to play with ceremony, because we’re sort of starved of it.”…

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