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Backstage with Model Citizens : Words By Lucy Gamsby Frost & Photos by Luke David Kellett

A Day in the Life of Lucy Frost, Touring Production Manager at Circus Oz.
Model Citizens Tour 2018

I wake up at 6.05am. Where am I? We arrived here the day before. The sunlight is creeping in and before I get out of bed I’m thinking of the day ahead.

An hour or so later I jump in the hire car with my clipboard of schedules, venue plan, LX plan, hanging plot, to do list and contact numbers. On my way in I swing by Coles to buy fruit and snacks for the acrobats.

Arriving at the venue there are a team of 5 or 6 venue crew in addition to our circus Oz team. I learn all the local crew names by heart as soon as I can. The roller shutter on the back of the truck screeches open and we get stuck in. I delegate to our new crew and check in with our Oz crew to check they have everything they need be it tools, time or man power.

We move quickly, I muck in flipping roadcases and making jokes to get everyone on side. I’m not a shouty production manager, and I believe in the cultivation of team spirit to get the job done…

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