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Behind the Scenes at Circo De Las Artes-An Interview with Ana Hepner

Circo De Las Artes is a professional training school of Circus and Movement Arts, located in the Tigre province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded in 2009 by Ana Hepner, a dancer and acrobat. The school offers a 3-year professional course as well as recreational classes for adults and children. According to their website, the school is “dedicated to the research, training and integration of the Arts of Circus and Dance in the search for a multidisciplinary language”. A small and friendly space set in a lusciously green suburb right on the Tigre Delta, the school draws people from all over. The student body is mostly from Argentina, but I also met students from Chile, Ecuador, Australia and Italy.
The school is small – maybe 20 students in the professional program altogether – and the space is divided into two rooms: a circus loft rigged with static trapezes and silks, and a dance studio with mirrors and ballet bars, dance harnesses hanging from the ceiling. Classes for the professional program include aerial arts (static trapeze, lyra, silks and rope), flow arts (juggling, hooping and fire spinning), dance classes (ballet, contemporary and jazz), ground acrobatics (tumbling...
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Stav Meishar

Stav Meishar was born and raised in Israel and leads a double life all around the world, mostly in New York City. During the day she runs Dreamcoat Experience, an award-winning nonprofit organization for arts-driven, experiential Jewish education. At night she is a writer and stage artist specializing in circus and theater. Sometimes, when she's lucky, she gets to be both at the same time – like with her most recent project, a solo performance based on the true story of a Jewish acrobat woman who survived the Holocaust by hiding and working at a German circus. Stav is committed to pursuing the gestalt of circus, history and education, but is incapable of committing to a single hair color.