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Bindlestiff Family Circus Talks About the Nouveau Sideshow

The Bindlestiff Family Circus shared their review of the circus panel discussion on the sideshow resurgence and history that took place last week at Brooklyn Historical Society:
Bindlestiff co-founder Stephanie Monseu, Coney Island USA founder Dick Zigun, and Dean of Coney Island’s Sideshow School and old-time strongman Adam RealMan sat together on July 19 at the invitation of the Brooklyn Historical Society to discuss “The Circus Comeback: Brooklyn’s Nouveau Sideshows” before an audience of 60 plus people. Topics for the discussion, moderated by Zigun, included: The roots of the current sideshow revival: Starting in the late 80s when Zigun brought his lifelong fascination with the form to an empty building on Coney Island’s boardwalk; expanding in the early ’90’s, when Jim R...
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