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Bring in the Clowns: The Recycled Circus

A couple of clowns hop onto a stage strewn with garbage. Looking clueless, they stare at the newspapers, plastic bottles and milk cartons scattered everywhere. With help from an audience of schoolchildren who answer their questions and applaud their actions, the clowns manage to separate the different kinds of waste.

The scenery, costumes and props, all made of recycled materials, help the artists of Circo Reciclado(“Recycled Circus”) educate children about the environment and teach them to recycle with shows across Argentina.

“Environmental protection is a matter of education. People do not pollute because they are evil, but because they are unaware. That’s why we work with children; Earth’s future depends on everyone,” says Diego Brailovsky, founder of the group, which combines art and social impact.

The main show in the circus’s repertoire is “Reduzco, reúso, recirco” (“Reduce, Reuse, Recircus” in Spanish), an interactive play the group generally performs in kindergartens and primary schools. “When we arrive at the schools, children smile. The show lasts about 45 minutes and they learn and have fun from beginning to end,” says Brailovsky, age 35…

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