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Buskers Are the Only Performers Making Money at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here’s How.

So. You’re trudging down the Royal Mile taking it all in. The World’s largest festival of the performing arts, and in such a beautiful city, too. Detestably young actors with a dream in their heart and Starbucks in their veins approach from every angle, lunging flyers at you like fencers thrusting a blade. You dodge, parry, apologise and avoid – priding yourself on your fringe street savvy. But then your attention is piqued by a noise. The unmistakable sound of genuine spontaneous fun. Your lizard brain makes you perk up like a meerkat, on the balls of your feet, trying to get a look at what might be occurring ahead. There’s a crowd. Could be anything. Could be something. You add yourself to their number, pushing in a little. Someone’s doing something. Looks like you missed whatever amazing feat caused the crowd to erupt like that, but lets stick around to see what happens next, right?

And now you belong to us.Street performing is like professional wrestling. At first glimpse, it appears to be a fairly basic, low-brow form of entertainment. Populist, cheap, crass, even. But the longer you look, the closer you get and the harder you squint, the more you realise that there’s some sneakily beautiful high level theatre craft going on here. And, just like pro-wrestling, every so often, if you’re lucky, an old jaded insider might let you in on a few trade secrets…

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